Four Toggles

The four toggles puzzle involves manipulating four objects that can be in binary states. You could use:

  • Four levers that can be either up/down or right/left
  • Four buttons that can be up or down
  • Four switches that can be on or off
  • Four doors that can be closed or open
  • Four arcane objects that can be active or inactive
  • Four pivoting statues that can face in two directions

It doesn’t really matter what the objects are, as long as there are four of them and each one has only two states.

The point of the puzzle is to “deactivate” all four objects. The trick is that when you manipulate an object, it also has a ripple effect on other objects. Figuring out the pattern is the puzzle. Sorry, but the rest of the solution is a DM secret!

Four Toggles

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